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How to Become a Solar Panel Installer (UK): A Complete Guide

With the increasing demand for renewable energy sources in the United Kingdom (UK), becoming a fully qualified solar panel installer can provide a rewarding and fulfilling career path and journey!

In this guide, we will provide instructions on how to become a qualified solar PV installer, including training courses and existing skills required to excel in the field.

Whether you are an experienced electrician learning how to start your own solar panel installation business or a beginner, no one needs this guide more than you people!

We will provide valuable information on the training and qualifications required to become a qualified installer in your city.

With more people turning to solar power, trained and qualified installers are in high demand to meet customers' needs nationwide.

Steps to Become a Solar Panel Installer in the UK

A solar panel installer is a qualified professional who assists in the electrical installation of solar PV systems for customers who want to make use of renewable energy!

With the growing demand for renewable energy sources due to climate change concerns, an increasing need for qualified installers was inevitable.

To become installers, individuals must undergo specialised training courses, learn basic solar installation techniques, and demonstrate hard work and dedication.

A background in manufacturing or electrical work can also be beneficial when one is to train to become a solar panel installer.

Once qualified, solar panel installers work for companies in cities across the UK, especially in the renewable energy sector, maintaining solar PV systems in various environments to help reduce carbon footprint.

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    College Course

    A college course specialising in solar panel installation covers various topics, from installation techniques to business management.

    These training courses prepare individuals for employment with a company in the energy sector.

    The course cost of a solar panel installer varies, but they provide valuable needs of solar PV systems and their impact on the environment.

    Completing a solar PV course is essential to becoming a qualified installer and can lead to exciting employment opportunities in the industry.

    Learn the Necessary Skills

    Learning the necessary skills for small-scale solar photovoltaic systems is crucial to become a solar panel installer.

    Courses on solar PV training provide the basic range to understand the system's working principles and reduce the carbon footprint.

    These are essential for individuals looking to become solar panel installers and install solar PV in homes and businesses.

    Obtain a Certification

    Like an MCS certification, a solar panel installation certification is crucial for becoming a fully qualified solar panel installer.

    It requires completing a college course or equivalent training and passing an assessment from an accreditation body, such as LCL Awards.

    This certification is an example of a qualification that ensures high training and expertise in solar PV systems.


    Apprenticeships offer training for those looking to specialise in solar PV systems.

    Apprentices learn to install and maintain solar panels on roofs and work with businesses of various sizes.

    The program covers electrical and maintenance work and is an excellent way to gain practical experience while being trained.

    Look for Job Opportunities

    To become a solar panel installer, looking for opportunities that match your skillset is essential.

    Specialising in installing large or small-scale solar photovoltaic systems, with the ability to work on various roof types and complete relevant courses, is in high demand.

    Seek out a company that values qualifications such as MCS accreditation, and consider working as a fully employed installer or sole trader.

    Offering a comprehensive solar PV package. Electrical skills, as well as experience in maintenance, can also be advantageous.

    Advice for Prospective Solar Panel Installers

    If you've completed solar panel installation courses or training in your city or equivalent, here's some advice for aspiring installers.

    • Understand the Technical Aspects: Understanding the technical aspects is crucial. This includes taking courses to become MCS certified, having a background in electricity, and receiving specialised training for installation.
      • Understanding Solar Photovoltaic Systems: To understand how solar photovoltaic systems work, one can train in courses that specialise in this field, such as electrical installation and solar PV training. By understanding how panels generate electricity from sunlight and the equipment involved, electricians can install them better to grasp their cost and feasibility.
    • Develop Good Customer Service Skills: Good customer service skills are crucial for a solar panel installer as the nature of installations varies from small-scale rooftop installations to larger commercial projects. Effective communication, timely completion of projects, and a positive attitude towards clients can increase customer satisfaction and potential referrals. You can train this skill through courses and training, and it contributes to a business's success in the field.
    • Have the Right Tools for the Job: Having the right tools is important in being an installer as it ensures the installer's safety and quality. Some essential tools include a cordless drill, ladder, safety equipment, and a multimeter. Access to a van or truck can also help transport equipment. It is important for the installer to have completed a course and obtained MCS accreditation to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge to use the tools safely and effectively.
    • Stay Up to Date on Industry Regulations: Staying current on energy industry regulations is crucial for solar panel installers to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. This includes keeping up with the latest training and certifications, such as MCS accreditation and knowledge of changes in environmental technology and solar installation techniques. Learning and training to keep up in the industry are important.

    How to Find Solar Panel Installation Jobs in the UK

    Are you looking for panel installation jobs after completing a course? Here are some tips for a budding electrician to get started.

    • Work Boards: Utilise popular Work boards such as Indeed and Monster to search for jobs in panel installation.
    • Networking: Attend relevant industry events and join professional organisations to network with potential employers and colleagues.
    • Social Media: Follow and engage with solar panel companies on social media platforms like LinkedIn to stay current on openings.
    • Apprenticeships: Consider apprenticeship programs solar panel companies offer to gain hands-on experience and potentially secure full-time employment.

    Preparing for Solar Panel Installation Jobs in the UK

    The preparation for being a solar panel installer varies. In the UK, obtaining the necessary training and qualifications, such as MCS accreditation and electrician courses.

    Understanding the Regulations and Requirements

    Understanding the regulations and requirements is crucial to becoming a successful solar panel installer.

    An example is being MCS certified. Completing a solar panel installer training course is expected when one trains to become an electrician.

    Understanding the Different Types of Solar Panels and Their Uses

    Understanding the different types of solar panels and their uses is important for preparing for solar panel installation jobs.

    A solar panel installer training course can provide the necessary skills to work with various solar panels and install them on any roof.


    Becoming a solar panel installer in the UK requires a combination of training courses, certification, and practical experience.

    Like being MCS certified, a solar panel installer course is a great way to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the industry.

    With the right training and certification, individuals can become experts in installing solar PV panels and contribute to the growth of the renewable solar energy sector.

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