Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

We have been in business since 2023 and are known for providing extremely competent and efficient support. We are dedicated to providing excellent service to all of our customers. We understand that difficulties may develop from time to time that must be handled. Your feedback is valuable to us, and if you need to file a complaint, please follow the steps below.

Stage 1: Make a phone call to us.

If you have a problem about any element of our service, please contact us. Many lingering concerns can be fixed informally by simply discussing them with us. Our knowledgeable staff will handle your inquiry and work to settle any unresolved concerns in order to reach an agreeable resolution. Call us at 0141 889 4516.

Stage 2: Purchase a Ticket of Support

If you are unable to reach someone on the phone, you can request a call back or open a support ticket. Please log in to your account and submit a support request, precisely outlining the issue and what you would like to see done to resolve your complaint. On average, we will react to tickets within 12 hours.

Formal Letter (Stage 3)

If we are unable to resolve your complaint, please write to Mark McShane (Managing Director), Solar Panel Installation Ltd, 94 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 6PH. Please explain the problem in your letter, include a return address for contact, and the subject will be handled at the highest level possible.

We are always willing to work with you to resolve any issues. All we ask is that you be reasonable with us, and we will do everything we can to help you.