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10 Best Solar Panel Companies for UK Homeowners

Harnessing energy from the sun can help reduce your carbon footprint and help you get extra cash, in some cases.

However, finding the best solar panel installers amongst all the famous brand names in the UK can be difficult.

Fortunately, you have this guide to show you what to look for in a solar panel installer.

10 Best Solar Panel Companies and Installers in the UK

There is a wide variety of installers in the UK for you to choose from to get a solar panel installed.

Here are some of the best installer companies in the UK for your solar power needs:

1) Project Solar - Best Overall

For the past decade, Project Solar has been an industry leader and one of the best solar panel installers in the UK.

All their products and services are of a high standard:— solar installation, repair, maintenance, etc. They cover the whole of the UK.

Project Solar has carried out 35,000 solar installations, saving 3,750 tonnes of greenhouse gases.


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    • Industry leader with nationwide coverage
    • High standards in service and products
    • More than a thousand positive reviews
    • Offer bespoke quotations on your specifications, such as roof style


    • Costly installation
    • Does not provide cost per panel

    2) Longi - Best Value

    The Longi brand produces one of the most powerful solar panels on the market.

    Their products can produce as much as 465W for every panel, costing as little as 150 pounds.

    Longi is also the largest supplier of PV solutions in the world.


    • Very affordable with good performance
    • Can retain energy use of 84.8% after 25 years
    • One of the most efficient brands that costs little money


    • No UK office, needing 3rd party sellers for customers
    • Low warranty of 12 years

    3) JA Solar - Best Budget Pick

    Although it is among the cheapest of the solar panel companies available on the market, JA Solar will give you more than what you paid for.

    Their panels have excellent energy output and durability compared to other companies in their price range, with an efficiency rate of 21%

    However, their warranty lasts only 12 years and has a degradation rate of 0.55%.


    • Great value for their customers' money
    • Great output and energy efficiency for the cost
    • Holds up well against harsh weather


    • Low warranty period
    • Relatively high performance degradation compared to other brands

    4) LG Chem Solar Panels - Best Solar PV Panels

    LG has spent 50 years in the industry researching and improving their solar PV systems. They offer reliability.

    The LG solar panel company offers a great deal regarding their solar panel warranty of 25 years.

    LG's best solar panels guarantee 86% to 88% energy effectiveness.


    • The best PV system available
    • 25-year warranty
    • 86-88% power guarantee.


    • Their panels are 45% more expensive than the typical brand
    • LG is no longer carrying out the installation of older panel models

    5) SunPower - Most Efficient

    A SunPower solar panel has an efficiency rate of 22.8%, making it one of the market leaders in efficiency.

    Their solar panels don't lose performance at the same rate as their competitors.

    Rather, they can gain a minimum output of 98% after the 1st year and only drop to 80% in the next 25 years.


    • Top market efficiency
    • Very high output of more than 60% energy throughout the 25-year warranty
    • Very durable and has the least degradation in the industry


    • Panels can only be installed by their company-approved 3rd party, and their availability can vary
    • Costly, at least £350 per panel as well as every step of the installation process.

    6) Panasonic Solar Panels - Best for Small Roofs

    Panasonic is one of the biggest company names for the best solar panel installers.

    The company has also been developing PV technology since 1975, resulting in its solar panels having good quality and reliability.

    Their panel models can perform better when high temperatures produce excess energy.


    • Excellent specs
    • Great warranty
    • Affordable price


    • You can buy a much cheaper panel with similar quality
    • Panels are manufactured by a 3rd party

    7) Sharp Solar Panels - Best for Sleek Design

    The company has been in the business of solar power research and development for the past hundred years.

    They specialise in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels with 20% energy efficiency.


    • Discreet and versatile brand and installers
    • Easy to install


    • No add-on options
    •  A relatively weak solar panel in the UK market

    8) Tile Energy - Best Solar Roof Tiles

    Tile Energy has thrived as a sustainable installer for the past decade.

    Tile energy proudly offers ‘down-to-earth insight’ regarding green energy installations and has excellent customer service.

    They also provide wide coverage for the Southwest England area and offer their titular solar roof tiles.


    • Offer solar roof tiles
    • Excellent customer service
    • Covers Southwest England area


    • Not every roof can hold their solar roof tiles
    • Their tiles can be quite expensive

    9) City Energy Network - the Most Eco-Friendly

    City Energy Network takes a holistic approach toward your electricity bills and energy savings before installing.

    This Cardiff-based company is always updated on the latest sustainable options for preparing panels.

    The company is committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2040. These installers cover the entire Wales area.


    • Holistic energy saving
    • Very committed concerning their environmental stance
    • Cover the Wales area


    • Inconsistent installer fieldwork
    • Inconsistent field agent training

    10) REC - Best Look

    REC is known for creating some of the best-looking solar panels, being sleek and sophisticated.

     At the same time, its environmentally friendly and lead-free construction reduces its carbon footprint.

    Their products have a 25-year warranty and a low annual degradation rate.


    • Seamless and stylish design
    • 25-year warranty
    • Lead-free construction


    • Very expensive for something in its price range
    • Very low power output: can't go beyond 450 W

    How to Choose the Best Solar Panel Installer

    Although it can be inconvenient to research for a quality solar panels installer, research is necessary to find the most cost-effective solar companies.

    When choosing the best solar panel installer, there are many factors to consider before hiring anyone:

    1) MCS Accreditation

    One of the best rules of thumb is to never hire a company without it being an MCS-certified solar company.

    An MCS certification provides consumer protection as a mark of quality.

    The MCS is supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and is an independent scheme that certifies microgeneration products from solar PV panels.

    2) Solar Installation Experience

    The more experienced, the better when choosing a solar panel installer.

    The experience helps you have an idea of how skilled and quick a technician is in installing solar panels.

    Solar installers normally take 1-3 days for the new solar panels to stick. You can expect the following to occur when installing the panels;

    • Having scaffolding erected around your property
    • Having roof hooks and frames fitted
    • Your solar panels being attached and wired up to a solar inverter
    • The solar PV system to be powered up
    • The system being registered with an MCS
    •  The preparation and provision of documentation

    3) Read Customer Reviews

    Before you trust a company's solar panel, it would be wise to compare and contrast what their previous customers say about their panels.

    You would need to compare customer quotes and see what they agree on to decide which might be the best solar panel installers for you.

    Happy and unhappy customers often agree about what they like or don’t like.

    Comparing quotes also gives a clearer view of which installers are worth their advertisement.

    4) Insurance

    It's better to be safe than sorry, especially regarding the solar panel installation process. Hence, the importance of a company providing quality insurance.

    Solar installers should be covered by multiple kinds of insurance, especially public liability insurance.

    With public liability insurance, you can be confident that any damage to property solar panel installation can be covered.

    5) Product and Workmanship Warranties

    The company doing the solar panel installation should offer two different warranties.

    One warranty should cover the product of the solar panel itself, and the other should cover the workmanship. However, these can vary from company to company.

    Generally speaking, any work done by the best solar panel installers can be covered for anything between 5-10 years, while the solar panels themselves are covered for 20-25 years.

     Remember, solar panels are built to last, but solar inverters do need to be replaced.

    6) Installation Rates and Prices

    You can only find the best prices by comparing them between the best solar panel installers.

    Different solar panel installers have their rates, so you need to compare quotes and reviews.

    Comparison leads to confidence in your solar panel installer of choice. You can choose without fear of getting overcharged and be sure that you are getting the most competitive price for a solar panel installation.

    As a rule of thumb, gather three free quotes from MCS-certified solar installers and then compare and contrast what they say about your property.

    After getting the free quotes, you will have heard the best advice and can consider which choice would be best for your solar panel installation.

    What to Avoid When Choosing Solar Installers

    Here are some things that UK homeowners should avoid when choosing their solar or solar PV system installers:

    Don't Rely Solely on Pricing and Review Sites

    There are numerous online sites where you can find prices, reviews, and a lot of other useful data regarding the best solar panel installers and their services.

    However, we advise against relying solely on these sites and what they have to say due to a lack of supervision.

    Remember that choosing the best solar companies for setting up your solar PV system for your home is an investment the impact of which will reverberate for many years.

    Always go for the most holistic approach in gathering solar quotes from solar installers. Consider, also, the views of friends, families, and neighbours.

    We implore you to always compare quotes from each installer to get the best installation deal for smooth energy usage.

    Don't Choose Only Based on the Cost

    Cost is another important factor to consider in buying and renting anything.

    When choosing the best solar panel installers, most people will go for the cheapest installer.

    However, buying the cheapest solar panel or installer is a grave mistake.

    This cost-cutting can lead to complications for the other members of your household and how well your renewable energy is used, possibly affecting your energy bills.

    Don't Fall For Hard Sell Tactics

    The consumer code says solar companies should not use hard sell tactics in their sales pitches.

    These tactics are pushy and blunt. They're designed to push you to buy on a reflex, without taking any time to think for yourself.

    As such, avoid any company pressuring you to make an immediate decision.

    Don't Choose the First Option

    Remember to compare three free quotes when shopping for the best solar panel installers.

    This approach not only gets you the best price but can also help identify to you which company treats its customers best.

    Have a Checklist

    Remember that every renovation project requires good planning and scheduling, so be meticulous in preparing for the best installation experience.

    This way, nothing gets neglected, overlooked, or delayed for your scheduled development. Preparing can include many things, from having the right roof panels to making sure you are connected to the grid for power.

    A Recap of the Top Picks

    We picked these three companies because there is a balance between affordability and quality performance.

    Best Budget Pick: JA Solar

    While JA Solar is the most budget-friendly and produces a quality product. However, they offer a low warranty and have the worst performance degradation of the three.

    Best Value: Longi

    Longi is affordable and punches above its weight in terms of performance. However, it's not as easily available as others and it has a low warranty.

    Best Overall: Project Solar

    Project Solar is the best overall company for solar panels because they have the best capabilities and can provide renewable energy all across the UK.


    The best solar panel installers can give quality installation across the whole of the UK.

    A company’s solar panel represents what is expected from them.

    Having solar panels installed is the first step in making the UK a greener country.

    Did you know that Solar Panel Installation can match you with 3 local installers who will provide you with a free quote? Fill out our form today to get in touch with installers.

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