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What Are Transparent Solar Panels and Are They Worth It? | A Full Guide

What Are Transparent Solar Panels

Tired of the inefficiency of traditional solar panels? Looking for new technology that can efficiently generate electricity through solar cells?

Transparent solar panels may be the solution for you!

Transparent panels generate electricity by using the surface of your windows, the sunroof on your car, and even the roof of your building.

If you want to know more about solar panel transparency, we’ll go over all the facts now.

What Are Transparent Solar Panels?

Transparent solar panels are see-through solar panels that are usually made of glass. This gives them a sleek and subtle appearance, making them ideal for use in standard glass settings.

PV solar cells (PV glass) are the most commonly used new solar technology for absorbing infrared wavelengths.

Transparent panels allow you to generate power through your roofing, windows and even smartphones.

You can install them ANYWHERE you'd normally install glass.

This makes a translucent solar panel convenient because seemingly any glass sheet can now absorb sunlight and transform it into renewable energy.

Because it's transparent, it allows you to still bask in the sun's warmth.

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    Additionally, transparent panels are for you if appearance is a major concern because they don't need black or blue backing, unlike traditional solar cells. They maintain a low profile.

    That said, a translucent solar panel may cost more than a standard solar panel as it offers better aesthetics for your homes and buildings.

    The Different Types of Transparent Solar Panels

    Transparent solar panels come in two types: partially and fully transparent.

    Both types absorb solar energy, which is vital for generating electricity. However, distinctions between the two can also be made, which we'll discuss below:

    Partially Transparent Solar Panels

    Heliatek GMB, a German manufacturer, was the first to develop partially transparent panels.

    Researchers designed them as solar panels that can absorb 60% of the sunlight hitting the surface.

    Compared to conventional solar panels, the partially transparent panel generally has a lower efficiency of 7.2%.

    However, you can increase efficiency by adjusting the balance of sunlight absorbed and transmitted by the clear glass of your partially transparent solar panel.

    It should be remembered that the partially transparent solar panels' efficiency depends on their location.

    If your building is facing south and uses tinted glass, you will need to factor in the reduction of transmitted light absorbed when programming your panels.

     By doing this, the partially transparent solar panel can be used more efficiently.

    Fully Transparent Solar Panels

    A fully transparent panel is the best option if you are looking for one that resembles normal glass.

    Researchers at Michigan State University have successfully created fully transparent solar cells, wherein sunlight remains visible to the naked eye even as it hits the surface of your panel.

    The solar panel are made transparent by creating a transparent luminescent solar concentrator out of organic salts. This allows them to absorb the non-visible wavelengths of light.

    The researchers have managed to identify and absorb specific ultraviolet and infrared light waves. This allows you to better generate energy for your home and building consumption needs.

    Solar glass makes for an efficient panel for converting direct sunlight to usable energy!

    How Do Transparent Solar Panels Work?

    In a traditional solar panel, the panel absorbs sunlight (photons) through a solar cell and converts them into usable electricity (electrons).

    The new solar panel technology offers a much more efficient way of absorbing sunlight.

    Transparent solar technology works like this:

    1. The solar panel selectively harnesses a portion of the solar spectrum while allowing visible light to pass through it.To achieve this, transparent luminescent solar concentrators (TSLC) are used. These are vital for absorbing solar energy.
    2. As the TLSC is made of organic salts specifically designed to absorb the invisible UV or infrared light, the panel can absorb invisible wavelengths. They are guided to the edge of the plastic surround of the window, where a PV cell will strip it and convert it into electricity.

    The researchers have created a concentration of up to 86% of TSLC on a translucent solar panel.

    Clear solar panels can create the same amount of electricity as any other panel.

    Thus, if you are looking for a more sustainable way to provide power for your office buildings, a transparent solar panel is the best option!

    PRO TIP: Solar panels are also ideal for buildings with limited space.

    How Much Are Transparent Solar Panels?

    Transparent solar panels cost £250 per square metre.

    These designs are for solar windows, solar glass, and net zero energy buildings. These are grey-tinted and can produce 12% to 15% efficiency.

    However, if you want more affordable translucent glass, some panels cost around £175 per square metre. However, the efficiency level is reduced to around 9%.

    You should purchase a solar panel that fits your budget!

    Purchasing expensive panels can create financial difficulty as you will still have to pay local installers to install them.

    The Advantages of Transparent Solar Panels

    Transparent panels offer several benefits. These include:

    1. An Excellent Alternative Source of Power

    Translucent panels are the best alternative for creating your home electricity. They offer average efficiency on a par with other panels depending on the sunlight they absorb.

    2. They Do Not Consume Space

    Another major advantage is that they do NOT consume space in your home! This is because you can conveniently install them, for example, in place of your windows or on your roofs.

    Talk about space-saving and convenience! All you have to do is let the panel face direct light to absorb ubiquitous energy.

    3. Reduced Bills

    Because you are using the sun's energy, you will be less reliant on your electric provider!

    This is the biggest advantage because you can save a LOT of money in the long run.

    4. They Can Last a Long Time

    Even though solar panels are expensive, we guarantee they make worthwhile investments.

    A solar panel is a one-time purchase because it has a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years when well-maintained.

    The Disadvantages of Transparent Solar Panels

    Solar panels can have several drawbacks, which include:

    1. They Are Weather-Dependent

    Although solar energy can still be absorbed on cloudy and rainy days, it is not enough to provide electricity to your building or home.

    Thus, being weather-dependent is one of the major disadvantages of solar panels. Efficiency drops significantly on gloomy days.

    2. They Are Expensive

    It is undeniable that solar panels are expensive.

    Additionally, if solar energy cannot be used immediately, it must be stored in large batteries, which can be costly.

    However, if you want a more sustainable method of power generation, we still suggest using solar panels, even if they are expensive.

    3. They Can Cause Pollution

    Although solar power produces far less pollution than other sources, solar panels are still associated with pollution and waste.

    Hazardous products and toxic materials which can adversely affect the environment are used in the manufacture of solar PV glass.

    Where Are Transparent Solar Panels Being Used For?

    Solar panels are not limited to buildings and home use. They can be used everywhere because of their efficiency. Below are some examples of the use of solar panels.

    Train Stations

    A solar panel can easily be installed on a train station's roof. It can produce enough energy to provide up to 10% of the station's required power.

    Bus Stops

    A solar panel can also be used at bus stops. For example, they are used in Canary Wharf, London, and effectively power smart signs and surrounding infrastructure.

    What Companies Make Transparent Solar Panels?

    Various companies manufacture transparent solar panels. These companies all guarantee efficiency and longevity with their products and services:

    1. Project Solar - Project Solar is one of the best UK solar panel companies. It offers high-quality solar services, including installation, maintenance, and repair.
    2. Solar4good UK LTD - Solar4good UK LTD is also a reputable UK solar company. It has been offering quick and easy services for more than 15 years, making it a company you can trust.
    3. Professional Energy Solutions Ltd - If you reside in London, Surrey or Middlesex, this company is just for you! Professional Solutions Ltd has 15 years of experience in solar panel manufacturing. It offers solar installation, cleaning, maintenance, eco home and design, etc.
    4. Solar Engineering Ltd - Solar Engineering Ltd is for you if you want a company with a good reputation in renewable project management, solar installation, and system design! It has more than 16 years of experience in renewable technologies.
    5. UK Solar Power - If you want a company that offers a variety of solar products and services, UK Solar Power is the best company for you! It is the master of installation services, repairs and maintenance. The company has worked for residential and commercial customers for many years.

    Below are the questions commonly asked when it comes to solar panels:

    Final Thoughts

    Transparent solar panels are one of the best and most aesthetically pleasing ways to produce sustainable energy from the comfort of your home.

    A solar panel will make you less reliant on your service provider. Thus, this is for you if you want to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle while saving money on electricity bills.

    We guarantee you will have the best experience with this type of generator panel.

    Did you know that Solar Panel Installation can match you with 3 local installers who will provide you with a free quote? Fill out our form today to get in touch with installers.

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